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Column Outline

The following is an outline of potential articles I want to cover in Streetwise. Most should make the cut, some won't. Let me know what you think and if there is something of interest you might like to see me cover that's not listed here.

Technology on a Budget:

1) Raspberry Pi

      a) Different Raspberries (A, A+, B/2, B+/3, Zero v1.0/v1/3)
      b) Operating Systems (Raspbian, Ubuntumate)
      c) Software
      d) Peripherals (USB RULES)
      e) Learning electronics (GPIO pins and simple, safe experiments)

2) Freegeek

      a) Laptops, desktops
      b) keyboard/mouse
      c) Hard drives/Optical drives
      d) TV tuner/Video capture
      e) Memory
      f) Recycling

3) Arduino

      a) Uno
      b) Tiny
      c) Due

4) Free internet access

      a) Library
      b) Big box chains
      c) Government Institutions
      d) Future hotspots

5) Open Source software vs Paid for software

      a) OpenOffice/LibreOffice vs Microsoft Office
      b) VLC vs Microsoft Media Player
      c) Gimp vs Adobe Photoshop
      d) Blender3D vs Adobe After Effects/Lightwave/etvc.

6) Linux vs Windows

      a) Ubuntu
      b) Puppy Linux, DSL
      c) MythTV

7) DIY services vs Pay-for services

8) Backing up DVDs

9) Computer on a Stick

     a) Botable USB Flash Drive
     b) Turning a RPi Zero into a bootable device